Warm up

do before today's metcon
Record time


10 Pull ups
25 Jumping Jacks
15 Muscle-ups,
25/25 Mt. Climbers,
20 Push-ups,
20/20 High Knee
25 Air Squats,
10 Inch Worm,
35 Sit-ups,
5 Burpees

Death by Front Squats

1st min=1 Front Squat
2nd min=2 FS
3rd min= 3 FS
…..continue this pattern until you cannot finish the amount of squats for the time. When you cannot continue with FS, you will continue the pattern with burpees until the last person is finished.

RX+=135/95 RX=115/75 For those who need to push yourself on strength, do your body weight.

It is best to do lighter weight with great form then to go heavy and compromise your form and ROM.