Advanced Athletic Training

Personal Sports Performance Training: Is a sports performance program for young athletes ages 12 and up. Scientific and proven specific methods are used to train for their sport. This unique program is personalized to each individual, and the sport they participate in. First concern is injury prevention, second is improving athletic performance, and finally instilling a healthy lifestyle for the young athlete to mimic as they grow older. 

What to expect?
Performance Evaluation
For 1-1 Personal Sports Performance Training, each athlete will be put through a series of testing evaluations of strength, speed, and agility to determine their base level of performance in conjunction with their age.

The athlete will be put into a program with (3) phases in mind: (1) Flexibility/Mobility, (2) Strength/Power, and (3) Speed/Agility. Coach Gonzales will also be utilizing a periodization model for advancement. (This is based on how long the athlete is with him) The athlete will be under a watchful eye at all times. “Technique, Technique, Technique!”

Athletic Group Training Classes       

Tues & Thurs

Jr. High 6pm     High School 7pm


High School 9am       Jr High 10am                      

CLASSES: Rookie/Starter/Prospect

These classes will be 1 hour long “semi-private” classes (up to 15 athletes per class)

 ROOKIE CLASS, Ages (8-10) The goal: is laying the foundation for sports activities. The rookie must be trained mentally as well as physically for building a healthy lifestyle and developing a work ethic.


-Establish basic Core Strength and Flexibility
-Development of Motor Skills and Movement Patterns
-Strength training preparation through the use of body-weight exercises and basic weight lifting skills
-Institute Speed, Plyometric & Conditioning Bases

STARTER CLASS, Ages (11-14) The goal: is progressing athletic movement with introduction of speed mechanics, proprioception, weight lifting, and spotting, thus overall progression of athletic development.


-Acceleration/ deceleration skills

-Band speed explosion

-Lower level double leg band plyos

-Dynamic warm ups

-Static cool downs

-Functional strength exercises

-Core strength exercises

PROSPECT, Ages (15-18) The goal: is to mirror collegiate level workouts. The program is designed to develop strength, power, stabilization strength, body control, speed and agility with the additional use of Olympic lifts and advanced speed dynamics.


-Advanced Sports specific Strength Training

-Linear speed mechanics

-Lateral speed mechanics

-Advanced plyometrics

-Advanced Acceleration/deceleration

-Advanced joint stability/mobility training (ex. suspension training w/med ball)

Athletic Training Pricing

One Personal Session ….. $70

6 Personal Sessions ….. $390

12 Personal Sessions ….. $720


3xs a Week Group Classes ….. $120 Monthly


4 Group Sessions ….. $100

8 Group Sessions ….. $160

12 Group Sessions ….. $180


  • Personal/Group Training Sessions are not transferable to another member or new client.
  • Any sessions bought are nonrefundable.
  • A 24 hour cancellation notice is required to cancel or reschedule. If no cancellation notice is given, the session will be lost and is nontransferable and nonrefundable.
  • Personal training packages/sessions expire 90 days after purchase. ALL PACKAGES ARE NONREFUNDABLE.